Local Review: "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" at Kids n Co. Performance Center

        This evening, I saw a production of "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" at Kids n Co. Performance Center. It was a very well done show. The performances were great and I enjoyed it very much.

       To put on a show that takes place during The Holocaust must be a very difficult thing for a children's theatre to do. I must say, it is a challenge worth taking.

        The role of Raja was played by Helaine Bach. The one major flaw in her performance was when she cried. Whenever her character cried, I felt like she was smiling. In this specific show, that can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because it may be a character choice that you would have too really think about too understand. Bad, because the audience might not understand that choice and they might think the performer is amused at what is happening onstage. In this case, I felt like she was just glad to be performing and had a difficult time hiding that. Bach showed an excellent chemistry with her fellow cast members. Such as, Jorge Blakely, who played the role of Honza. Blakely was a true standout in the show, he gave a spot on performance. During the first scene with Raja and Honza, I felt like they could have used more of the stage. It seemed like they wanted too, but couldn't as it would probably go against the director's blocking. It felt like this during all of their scenes together.

     Other standouts in the cast included, Shir Bach (Mother), Alanna Belmont (Vera), Brit Bagley (Pavel), Anneliese Huenneke (Renka), Sidnee Coder (Irka), and Austin Savage (SS Guard).

      I feel like the show could have used more background noise too keep the show moving more smoothly. I don't know what was going on today, but I felt like I could hear everything going on backstage, which is why more background noise/music was needed. The first scene with the family was really rough. Some people were speaking too fast and softly, making it difficult too hear and understand what the actors were saying. All of the little children who played the youth of Terezin were adorable, but some of them spoke too fast and I couldn't understand them. Also, the pronunciation of the character's names were perfect.

   The set design which was done by Jim Lupercio really set the mood for the show. As did the Make-Up (Done by Eli Moreno, Eve Williams and Jorge Blakely), Hair (Mackenzie Cochran), and the adorable costumes (Sharon Moore).

 Overall, the show was really well put together. It closes tomorrow (April 19, 2015) so if you have the chance, I recommend you go see it and support the wonderful work the community theatre is doing.


 I give it a 3 and a half out of a 5.

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"I Never Saw Another Butterfly" by Celeste Raspanti
Kids N Co. Performance Center
El Paso, Texas
1301, Texas Avenue
Tickets are from $5-$7      


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